Next Level Pistol Course
Next Level Pistol Course

Next Level Pistol Course

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This course continues on where pistol foundations ended. Some of the topics covered are: holster work, multiple shooting positions, and utilization of cover. Come ready to push your skills further at this solid intermediate level course!

Prerequisite: A beginner pistol course and proficient with holster use. $225 

Location: San Jose, CA. 9-3pm. November 15th, 2020


  • Functional semi-auto pistol of choice
  • 3 or more magazines for pistol, 6 for single stack
  • 500 rounds of pistol ammo (provided by student)
  • Note pad, pen, sharpie
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/ eye protection
  • Quality belt to support your gear
  • A holster and magazine pouch
  • Tools, cleaning kit, and lubricant for your pistol
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing for moderate/strenuous activity
  • Mandatory long sleeve shirt and gloves for a segment of class
  • Canteen, camelback, etc
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Full tank of motivation