Precision Rifle 1
Precision Rifle 1
Precision Rifle 1
Precision Rifle 1

Precision Rifle 1

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This course offers shooters a solid foundation in the precision gun genre. Our USMC Scout-Sniper instructor will  present modern precision content, get your gun dialed, and answer your long gun questions. This course is also an outstanding preparation for a sniper course or other follow-on training.

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: $225

Location: October 26th in San Jose, CA. 9-4pm.


  • Rifle set up
  • Scope breakdown (Mils vs. MOA, FFP vs. SFP, etc.)
  • Ammo Selection
  • Cold Bore Theory and application
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Rifle Zeroing
  • Wind calling
  • Data Recording
  • Rifle Cleaning



Required Gear:

  • Shirt (long sleeve preferred), Pants, durable closed-toe shoe, a good belt
  • Scoped rifle (bolt action or gas gun, with scope mounted. .50 Cal and below, please)
  • 120-140 Rounds of ammo
  • 2 or more magazines (if applicable)
  • Allen Wrenches (for scope and stock configuration if applicable)
  • Bipods, or pack to shoot off
  • Notebook, and pens or pencils
  • Gun oil/lube
  • Rifle cleaning gear (carbon/ copper solvent, brushes, rags, bore guide/ snake, etc.)
  • An open mind, and good attitude


Recommended gear:

  • Rear bag/ sand sock
  • Rifle Sling
  • Spotting scope/binoculars/range finder
  • Data book
  • Multi tool
  • Lens cloth
  • Range bag (to store ammo, mags, and tools while on the firing line)
  • Weather meter (kestrel)
  • Shooting mat
  • Gloves