Practical, functional, and proven training for an increasingly changing world. 

We are a Veteran owned company that strives to present high caliber firearms and tactical training backed by years of combat and operational experience. Our cadre of instructors are all operationally active and/or full-time law enforcement Officers. If you are new to shooting we will give you a foundation built on safety, proficiency, and confidence. For our seasoned shooters, we want to make you better through data-driven training. We will challenge you to run the gun and yourself harder than before. 


We offer a wide range of pistol, carbine, and tactical training courses. From introductory level to advanced operator. This includes a Police Academy primer course, SWAT readiness course, Tactical Medical course (TCCC), and firearms training specifically designed for the K9 handler. We also provide Active shooter response training for schools, churches, and businesses.


OpTempo also consults and trains for specific needs such as: Active shooter training and protocols for schools and businesses, threat assessments for business and residential sites.

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