CQB -2 (Close Quarters Battle)
CQB -2 (Close Quarters Battle)
CQB -2 (Close Quarters Battle)
CQB -2 (Close Quarters Battle)

CQB -2 (Close Quarters Battle)

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The next level in your CQB journey. Carbines, multi-person, and added interior terrain features are on the menu. This is an indoor/outdoor course that utilizes non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) such as SIMS and UTM. This is a great skillset for home defense and armed professionals. *We provide the training pistols and ammunition!

*You can run this course with one of our pistols if you do not own a carbine. 

Prerequisite: L.E. & MIL, or vetted participants. Email admin@optempotraining.com for questions    

Tuition:  $325

Location:  July 23rd, 2022. Dublin, CA. 9-4pm


  • CQB theory
  • CQB-specific weapon manipulation 
  • Two-man room entries
  • Team formations (2 man)
  • Increased interior problem solving 
  • Force-on Force scenarios



  • *We provide the training guns and ammunition!
  • *Optional AR-15 platform rifle (for use with limited number of NLTA kits).
  • Clear lens glasses
  • Gloves required
  • Protective face mask required
  • Duty or tactical kit (optional)
  • Notepad, pen, sharpie
  • Quality belt to support your gear is recommended (https://optempotraining.com/collections/apparel/products/blue-alpha-gear-cobra-edc-belt)
  • Pants and long sleeve required
  • Knee pads & groin protection optional