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This course is for the entry-level pistol shooter with a focus on Law Enforcement carry and use. We will teach you the proper handgun fundamentals and weapon manipulation techniques to get you ready for Police work. Additionally, you will be put through multiple L.E. qualification courses that will build your confidence prior to starting the academy. A limited number of pistols are available to rent.

Prerequisite: No Prerequisite for this course. $200


  • Safe weapon handling
  • Pistol nomenclature, field stripping, and correct cleaning/lubrication
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Proper gear selection and placement
  • Speed & Tactical reloads
  • Weapons malfunction clearing
  • Holster draw techniques
  • Trigger control and Accuracy drills
  • Facing movements


  • Functional semi-auto pistol of choice
  • 3 or more magazines for pistol, 6 for single stack
  • 500 rounds of pistol ammo (provided by student)
  • Note pad, pen, sharpie
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/ eye protection
  • Quality belt to support your gear
  • A holster and magazine pouch
  • Tools, cleaning kit, and lubricant for your pistol
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing for strenuous activity
  • Canteen or camelbak
  • Pack or lunch and/or snacks
  • Good attitude