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One of our premier courses, we present an intensive 2-day tactical all combatants medical course that culminates with live-fire medical exercises. TCCC/TECC was designed for the Special Operations medical community and continues to evolve and find a home in any branch of public safety that has the potential to respond to violence or the aftermath. This is a must have course for professionals who go into harms way on a daily basis. This course is also for EMS personnel wanting to elevate their TEMS skillset. 

Hosted by the Union City Police Department

**Optional day 1-only registration. All the medical skills, without the live-fire component. 

Prerequisite: Highly capable skills on carbine and pistol platforms. This is not a beginner course. Physically fit (running, lifting, etc required in course). Open enrollment accepted upon vetting with us- email admin@optempotraining for questions. 

Date: June 11-12th, 2024. 8-5pm

Location: Union City (day 1) & San Jose, CA (day 2)

Contact us for the private course rate for your agency or unit. 


  • TCCC/TECC curriculum
  • Top tier emergency medical care techniques
  • Equipment and supply considerations
  • Injured shooter rifle and pistol work
  • Hot zone evac procedures
  • Small unit shoot & move tactics


  • *If attending as a medic, firearms are not required.*
  • Functional semi-auto pistol of choice
  • Rifle/carbine with sling (Optional)
  • 3 or more magazines for pistol, 6 for single stack
  • Minimum of 400 rounds of pistol ammo (provided by student)
  • 3 or more rifle/sub-gun magazines
  • Minimum of 600 rounds of rifle/sub-gun ammo (provided by student)
  • Tools, cleaning kit, and lubricant for your weapon systems
  • Notepad, pen, sharpie
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/ eye protection
  • Complete tactical gear for your mission (vest, belt, helmet, plate carrier, etc)
  • Training medical supplies (if available) 
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing for strenuous activity
  • Gloves and knee pads recommended
  • Canteen, camelback, etc
  • Pack a lunch and snacks
  • Good attitude and open mind



Agency Enrollment: Agency representatives enrolling one or more officers- please provide all names and emails to for certificates. To pay by check please email for an invoice. 

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